Dylog allows customers to engage more easily with your business

Customers can speak or text on their phone:
Allow customers to get assistance and place orders FAST from anywhere – on a job site, in a warehouse, in their car, or at home.
Conversational engagement is here!

A massive shift is taking place…

$19.4 billion

The volume of sales, voice assistants will process by 2023.


Increase in conversational transactions since 2021!

We know wholesale distribution

Dylog is built to address the specific challenges your customers face when engaging with your distribution business:

Customers struggle to browse, filter, and search for products on your eCommerce website.

Customers prefer not to wait for a sales or service rep during peak hours.

Customers need a hands-free way to interact with your business.

Customers want to contact you in the manner of their choosing.

Information in an instant

AI-powered Virtual Agent elevates customer experience


Allow customers to engage with you any time, any place

Fast Conversion

Shorten the time to place an order or request a quote

Smart automation

Lower your cost to serve with smart automation

More Business

Sway house accounts to buy more from you

Stand out

Stand out from your competition with better service

loyalty and retention

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Frictionless experience

And it’s much better than a chatbot!

Typical chatbots and text messaging platforms don’t integrate with your ERP or subscribe to your PIM. So your customers get frustrated because they can’t get the information they need to do their job.

Dylog virtual agent is different! It’s AI powered that understands your business and product data. And it learns from your customers’ actions. So it offers immediate answers when they text or speak a question.

Show me Kohler pull-down faucets with a 10-inch spout reach.

How many of this item do you have on hand?

What’s the lead time for this item?

Natural conversations

It’s like speaking to an Amazon Alexa at home, but for B2B. Which makes it easier and faster than other solutions.

Omnichannel connect

Allow customers to connect with you, How they want.

Dylog supports your omnichannel strategy. Customers can engage with you when and how they wish, from wherever they may be.

  • Mobile App
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Website Bot
  • Social Commerce
  • Google Assistant
  • Text Messaging
Live chat on demand

Your customers can always request a live, in-person interaction, if they prefer, right from the chat or voice prompt.

Integrations with critical business applications and partners

Built specifically for distributors

Because Dylog focuses solely on wholesale distribution, it integrates with the most common technology platforms in the market, from ERPs to PIMs to eCommerce platforms.

Interested in how Virtual Agent can drive sales, reduce costs, and elevate your customer’s experience?


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